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Example site - https://www.serograph.co.za/


Some extras that you might need

You need a website created for a reasonable price, we do that!  There is more required to bring your site to life though, before you spend all your money on the design, consider the Domain and Hosting.  If your budget for everything is R3000 and you spend all of that on design, you will be upset when you can’t get the hosting you want or the fact you can’t spend any money on marketing to bring in traffic and sales.  This is why we always let people know about the additional charges that are usually required if you want to start running a website.

You'll require:

Hosting and a Domain

Every single website out there runs on a domain, which means you’ll need one as well.  You can purchase these through big domain registrars and most of the time you can purchase them when you set up a hosting plan for your website.  The Host will usually include Email as well.  You’ll need to pay to renew your domain name each year and your hosting can be paid every month or on an annual basis.

If you don’t know how to do any of this, that’s no problem, we can guide you through this whole process.


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