PC Support Pretoria

In short, we are really good at what we do and enjoy helping our customers get their technology troubles sorted out quickly so they can use their computers and IT infrastructure optimally.

The team is constantly improving their skills to provide fast and friendly IT support to all our clients.

We know there are 3 basics that everyone looks for in an outsourced service:

    Excellent customer care
    Top quality work and
    Great value

PC Support Pretoria
Excellent service

Our aim is to effect minimal hassle when we arrive and start poking around your systems. We can quietly get the job done or talk about every step of the process if you wish to be more involved and want see how you can fix the problem yourself next time.

Do we answer your email and calls promptly? Are we friendly when interacting with you? Do we turn up as expected and complete the job on time?

We value what our customers tell us about our performance. We like to learn from experienced business people, we’re a small business too.

Top quality work

We have invested lots of time to train and develop our Engineers, which shows in us being a Microsoft Certified Professionals. If not already, all our Engineers are working towards growing up to become a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE). They achieve this leading qualification by sitting the 6 or so Microsoft Certified Professional exams you need to become an MCSE. This can take several years to achieve. As well as this excellent external accreditation we also:

Budget 10%-25% of an Engineer’s time to undertake knowledge and learning activities
Run our own internal group training sessions, on selected topics – to increase the team’s knowledge
Allow each Engineer dedicated one-on-one time with our most experienced Engineers (our IT Support Manager and/or CTO), each and every week
Conduct fun and mind-expanding technical projects
Have good systems in place so knowledge, especially that of each customers’ technology set up and support history, is shared with all Engineers

Job quality control

Further ensuring that the work we produce is consistently high quality and great value, we have a very experienced Engineer check every job before it is billed. Each Monday our IT Support Manager checks over all closed jobs from the previous week, to ensure we are not over-charging on any of them. If they feel an Engineer spent too long on a job they’ll investigate it and if that is the case, reduce the time to be billed. And, they’ll coach the Engineer on why it can be done in less time.

This ensures our Engineers keep learning and that we only charge our customers reasonable fees.

We’re not the least and certainly not the most expensive IT company, but we do provide the best value to a small business with staff.

While some of our competitors may have lower hourly rates, the caliber of their Engineers, investment in systems and efficient processes, quality of work and no real Satisfaction Guarantee often mean our Engineers do the job faster, better and get it right first time. This results in an overall lower cost, less disruption to your staff and greater customer satisfaction - certainly much higher value. Your team can get back to their productive best.

Our customers know “cheap can be expensive” and that if you “pay peanuts, you get monkeys”. While our rates may appear high to some, they’re not when you consider the overall value you receive. Excellent service, high quality work along with a great price means unbeatable value-for-money.

Much like the hourly rates you pay other quality professionals – like great accountants, lawyers and doctors – all high caliber professionals have to invest a lot of time reading, researching and experimenting so the quality of their work improves continuously and they become more efficient.

PC Support Pretoria

Friendly and competent engineers with sector specific experience. From Computer Support, IT support, IT outsourcing, helpdesk services to printer maintenance, website and email hosting and other IT Services.

Headquartered in Pretoria East with a citywide IT presence, PC Support Pretoria is an excellent choice for small business all around Pretoria. Our Support Operations Center works 24 hours a day providing round the clock IT services to those in need. PC Support Pta can help your business to be more efficient and more profitable.

Some types of IT support services, however, require very specialized skills.


Never assume your Hard Drive data can’t be recovered! The most important thing to remember is to not make the damage worse. Many drives have been rendered unusable by trying to get the data back in unorthodox ways. Freezing, tapping, shaking and standing it on its side are all myths. Any of these actions can turn your data into mush. Having the data on a server recovered will be much more involved than having the data on a personal PC recovered. There are various types of storage used to house data today and this means that the companies that provide professional IT support have to be able to work with all of them to serve their customers adequately. Emergency Support Most of the time, when IT support involves recovering data, it means that the job is being done on an emergency basis. This means that the company has to be able to respond quickly. There may be financial data that needs to be recovered or data that is necessary to complete an ongoing project. When this time crunch is a factor, you have to be sure that the company you're working with can get at the data quickly and effectively.


PC Support Pretoria

Outsourced IT support is necessary for just about every company in business today. Technology is becoming more complex behind the scenes all the time (it is getting easier for the people to use), so it's nice to know there is a resource readily available to sort out your systems when it all goes awry and to provide top results.